Wyzant vs. Lessonpal – Online Learning Comparison

A comparison of Wyzant to Lessonpal

Wyzant vs. Lessonpal

We’ll start here…Wyzant is an online service marketplace. On the other hand, Lessonpal is a more affordable tutoring platform built to connect students to their best-fit affordable tutor. Because we care! Keep reading to learn about the differences between Wyzant and Lessonpal and how Lessonpal could be the best Wyzant alternative for you.

Parents with students of all ages across the world trust Lessonpal tutors with their learning.

52 countries

47 states


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What parents and students say about Lessonpal

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“Lessonpal… Where have you been all school year? I have been trying to find tutors to help my sons all school year but had not had any luck for various reasons. The one major reason was the cost. And then I stumbled across Lessonpal. I was given four tutors to choose from in my price range. The availability and cost of the tutors can’t be matched. My son has late practices so we don’t get home until 9:00 pm. I scheduled a session for 10:00 pm to help him with his math homework. I am really grateful for Lessonpal, just wish I had found them sooner.”

– Kimberly H.


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“Customer service followed up with me and always professional. The tutor responded in a timely manner and my kid clicked with her right away. The tutor was prepared & relatable. The best part the lessons were very affordable. Highly recommended.”

– Lori S.


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“I am using two instructors from Lessonpal; one is teaching me classical and blues guitar and the other is teaching me voice. I am in the process of hiring another instructor for piano. The instructors from Lessonpal are awesome! They know their stuff, and the prices on LessonPal are very affordable. I highly recommend you choose Lessonpal for your next instructor. There are many instructors to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed.”

– Dalphyne G.


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“Lessonpal has been a lifesaver for my kids. We’ve used about 5 different tutors and they were all great. We often need a tutor last minute and that is usually no problem. Most tutors are so reasonably priced that we book hours on end. It’s also very easy to book and cancel appointments. I highly recommend.”
– Janine M.

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“Our son’s interest in, and success with, learning to play the electric guitar is largely due to Matt’s talents as a teacher and coach. He has been able to keep our son, who was 6 when they started working together, extremely focused on learning, and in a way that has ensured he is having fun. Not only has Matt helped him be successful, but all while being remote. I continue to be impressed with how Matt can take an extremely active child and tailor his approach and lessons to achieve what they have together.”

– Curtis S.


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“Jeffrey is a clear and patient communicator when it comes to tutoring. Math has always been a difficult subject for me, but his confidence and ability to break down the material helped me to understand the curriculum much better. He is also very adaptable to any skill level.”

– Lennox L.


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“Montserrat is the best tutor we’ve ever had. She’s very professional, reliable, organized, kind, and patient. She worked with my son several times a week for almost 6 months. He would not have gotten through his Spanish course without her. I can’t recommend her enough.”

– Janine M.

Feature comparison vs. Wyzant

Check out Lessonpal’s key qualities that make us the best online learning option compared to Wyzant.

Lessonpal Wyzant
Average price $20 / hr $45 / hr
Subject variety 1000+ 300+
Satisfaction Guarantee Yes – 100% Yes
Customer service 4.7 rating on Thumbtack 2.3 rating on Trustpilot
Ability to message tutors Yes (no strings attached) Yes (with card info on file)
Ability to post requests Yes Yes

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Lessonpal: The Wyzant alternative for quality, affordable tutoring

How does Lessonpal work?

1. Find great online tutors

Post a tutoring request and receive free trial offers and custom offers from our community of 3,000+ tutors that fit your needs!

Or, manually search for qualified and vetted online tutors for 1000+ subjects (and more to come). Filter them by their availability and teaching preferences.

2. Connect with tutors – no strings attached

View online tutors’ profiles. Check out their introductory video, qualifications, availability, and their lesson packages

Send an inquiry by clicking the “Contact teacher” button and exchanging messages. You can communicate and exchange information safely with any tutor on Lessonpal through our secure messaging system.

3. Purchase and schedule lessons

Select your best-fit online tutor. Buy a lesson package that best suits your needs and book your lessons in minutes.

4. Reschedule lessons

Use our convenient system to reschedule lessons – because life happens!

Safety and security on Lessonpal – Is Lessonpal legit?

The short answer is YES! Lessonpal is legit.

We review all tutors

Lessonpal team members vet all the teacher applications. We select only those who meet our community’s quality, trust, and safety standards. You can request a background check for any teacher on Lessonpal.

We keep your personal information safe

Your information is safe with us. We’ll never share your personal information with third parties. You can request to have your account deleted at any time.

We use secure payment platforms

Your payments are safe too! Lessonpal partners with leading payment platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree to process payments by complying with the highest level of security standards. Our secure platform ensures your tutor gets your payment after lessons are completed.

Have a more personalized tutoring experience with Lessonpal 

We’re here to help. Our Student Support Team is conveniently available through the chat feature on our website or you can give us a call any time to get assistance finding a tutor. You’ll always to a real human! Our dedicated team is ready to help.

Easily get started

Sign up in just a few minutes and start searching for your tutor. Easily send tutors inquiries and purchase lessons right away to start saving money on your online tutoring and stop paying Wyzant’s higher fees!

Plus, 100% satisfaction guaranteed

The Lessonpal Good Fit Guarantee ensures you find a tutor that fits your needs. Try out a lesson; it’s on us if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Ready to get started? See for yourself why students trust Lessonpal tutors with their learning.

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