Top Summer Internship Ideas for High School Students (2023)

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You may have heard “internship” and wondered what that entails. Internships can be great because they allow students to get real-world work experience where they can try different career paths and build various skills. Most of the time, they’re talked about as something that college students do during the summers between classes. But there can also be internships for high school students! In this post, we’ll break down some summer internship ideas and how to find one.

Whether you decide to take on a job or internship during the rest of summer break or keep this in mind for next year, it’s never a bad idea to read about some summer internship possibilities and see what you’d be interested in pursuing. Taking one on could be a great option, and there are endless options!

So, let’s go!

What is an internship?

First, to give you a bit more clarity, a summer internship is typically a job that’s all about gaining industry experience and insight into a particular field. Interns normally work on a team and learn the basics of their position while getting guidance from full-time employees. You can find summer internships in various industries like business, technology, healthcare, non-profits, etc.

A summer program internship is usually part-time, so high school students can still make room for other commitments of summer high school. It’s the perfect way to get hands-on exposure in a professional setting.

Benefits of summer internships for high school students

A high school student can reap a lot of rewards from summer internships, such as:

Practical experience

Internships allow a high school student to gain valuable skills and experience that can’t be taught in a classroom setting. An intern is better equipped to deal with their future job.

Career exploration

Exploring different career paths? Internships let students get a taste of what it’s like to work in a particular field or industry, so they can make informed career decisions.

Skill development

Internships allow high school students to practice critical skills like communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and time management. These are very valued skills in any workplace.

Students collaborating during a summer internship.
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Building a network of contacts in your chosen field can be an excellent way for an intern student to get ahead. You can get mentorship, guidance, and potential job opportunities by networking with professionals.

Resume boost

Getting an internship in high school can help set you apart from other students. Having this experience can really boost your resume and show that you’re willing to take the initiative, put in the effort, and develop personally and professionally.

Basic requirements to get an internship

For a high school student looking through summer internship ideas, there are usually some common prerequisites to meet, regardless of the job. Depending on where you apply, the requirements may vary, but a typical intern needs to meet the following criteria:


Students aged 16 or above, or those who have finished their sophomore or junior year of high school, can intern in their field of choice.

Academic Performance

Maintaining good grades is usually seen as a requirement to intern. Many programs may need a minimum GPA or success in certain classes.

Personal statement or essay

Writing an essay for an internship application is a great way to show what you’re interested in. It also reveals your goals and why this particular opportunity excites you.

Letters of recommendation

Internship applications may ask for one or more letters of recommendation. They’re meant to help display a high school student’s character, work ethic, and potential. So, they should come from teachers, counselors, or people who can vouch for the student.

An interview may be necessary for some internships to make sure the student is a good fit for the position.

How to find internships

Looking to intern in the summer can be an exciting and thrilling journey! Here are a few tips to help an aspiring intern find excellent internship opportunities:

  1. Check out your high school’s guidance office or career center for internship opportunities. They can offer information on programs, organization partnerships, as well as other resources.
  2. Visit job boards and websites tailored for high school students looking to intern. Browse sites like, WayUp, and Chegg Internships.
  3. Tap into your personal and professional networks. Get in touch with your family, friends, neighbors, or even your parents’ colleagues who work in a field you’re interested in. They might have information about opportunities for you to intern. If not, they will be able to give you advice and recommendations.
  4. Check out the websites of companies or organizations you’re interested in because they often have great programs to intern in. See if they have any internship listings or contact information and reach out to find out your options. For example, the Goddard Space Flight Center offers NASA Internships for students interested in astrophysics.
  5. Go to your local community organizations for a chance to intern. This will help you reach the door and build up your resume. Who knows? You could even find your dream job!

Summer internship ideas for high schoolers

In this digital era, students have access to both online and offline openings to intern:


High school students looking to intern offline have many choices. From working in the hospitality industry to retail and even healthcare, there are plenty of chances to gain valuable internship experience.

Local businesses

Small businesses are great places for high school students to gain valuable skills. Internships are offered in entrepreneurship, customer service, and marketing. It’s an excellent way for students to get an introduction to the business world.

Non-profit organizations

Such organizations provide internship windows that’ll give you an insight into the sector and the effects of social causes. An intern can learn about community service, event planning, fundraising, and advocacy. Working at a non-profit is one of the best summer internship ideas because you usually are working for a great cause along with learning new skills.

Research institutions

If you’re a high schooler interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics), check out summer programs at universities, research centers, and labs. A student research internship will teach you how to do experiments and analyze data.

Government offices

High school students can get involved with local or state governments by applying to intern at certain government agencies. It will give you an inside look at how public policy works.

Healthcare and medical

As an intern in healthcare, you get to be up close and personal with medicine, care, and biomedical research. It could involve hanging out with healthcare professionals, researching, and helping with administrative duties.


With the rise in technology, you can easily intern online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for online internship opportunities, here are some options:

Virtual internships in arts and media

They offer an excellent opportunity for an intern to gain experience without leaving the house. You’ll be able to work remotely with companies and organizations, from data entry and content creation to social media management and research. All from the comfort of your own home.

Remote volunteer work

An intern can volunteer remotely for non-profits or causes they’re passionate about. Not only is it an excellent way to help out, but it’s also a notable chance to build up skills and gain experience.

Online courses and certifications

If you’re a student, you should consider looking into online courses or getting certified in something that interests you. You will develop your skills and knowledge, making you a more appealing internship candidate. For an easy start, you can try lessons from tutors on Lessonpal in any subject you’re curious about. You can also become a tutor yourself and start teaching students. It’s kind of like an internship in itself! Apply directly on the Lessonpal website.

The big picture

Take advantage of the rest of the summer and jump into an exciting internship! It’s a fantastic chance for a student intern to gain practical knowledge, explore different career ideas, and create helpful connections.

Put your best foot forward when you’re searching and applying for internships. Also, don’t forget to make the most of the opportunities that come your way. We hope this post helped give you some summer internship ideas. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll definitely learn something new!

Frequently asked questions

Are high school internships paid?

Researching to determine if an internship for high school students is paid is essential. A lot still don’t offer any pay (which can sometimes be illegal!), but many provide at least a stipend. So, it’s worth checking out the details to see what kind of compensation, if any, is available.

How can high school students make their internship applications stand out?

Students looking to make their internship applications stand out should emphasize their relevant skills, academic successes, extracurricular activities, and prior work experience. A well-crafted resume and personal statement will give them the edge to become the new intern.

What should students expect from an internship?

Students can look forward to experiencing a real-world work setting, tackling tasks and projects, and learning from the experts. As an intern, they should make sure they’re punctual, professional.

How can students balance summer internships with other commitments or activities?

Managing time effectively is critical when balancing a summer internship with other activities. Making a schedule, setting priorities, and letting your internship supervisor know your availability will ensure you don’t take on too much. Being an intern should not cost other areas of your life.

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