The Top 5 Writing Resources for ESL Students

There are plenty of writing resources for ESL students.

Writing essays in English can be challenging for any student. There is an extra challenge to writing in English for those that are English as a Second Language (ESL) students. However, various resources are available online that can make it easier for ESL students to practice and improve their writing skills!

This article will give an overview of five of the most beneficial writing resources for ESL learners. These resources can help ESL students become more adept communicators in English and guide them on grammar, structure, and vocabulary. They can offer invaluable assistance for those looking to refine their writing capabilities.

How can writing resources help improve my English writing skills?

Writing resources for ESL are invaluable tools that help learners develop their writing skills. These resources can provide valuable guidance on mastering the complexities of the English language, including grammar, vocabulary, and structure.

Learners can hone their writing techniques using these online resources, textbooks, and other educational materials. These tools can help learners from all levels – whether they are just starting out or already have some experience – to reach their academic and professional goals. If you’re looking to write more creatively, you can practice with descriptive language and vocabulary too!

Guidance for selecting which ESL resources to use

Reading is difficult for ESL students.
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When selecting writing resources for ESL, learners need to consider certain factors to ensure they find the most appropriate materials for their needs. Consider some of the following aspects:

Relevance to your proficiency and learning goals

Pick those suitable for your current writing level and long-term goals when selecting writing resources. If you are just starting out, using materials that focus primarily on the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary is recommended.

Reliability of the resource

It is essential to ensure the writing resource used is accurate and reliable. You can seek advice from fellow students or educators to guarantee its credibility.

Accessibility of the resource

It is essential to select writing resources that are easy to access. These can include online sources, textbooks, and other educational materials that are conveniently available.

Quality of the content

It is essential to ensure that the material provided is of superior quality, offering helpful advice and practical exercises that can be easily understood.


Writing resources you choose must be designed for convenient access, with a clear structure that is easy to comprehend.

The top 5 writing resources

ESL resources are online for anyone to access.
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ESL students looking to hone their writing abilities can use numerous writing resources. These resources provide various tools and features that cater to learners, helping them become more proficient in their written English. The top 5 writing resources for ESL include:


EnglishClub is a comprehensive, user-friendly online resource tailored towards English language learners. By offering a variety of grammar explanations, vocabulary lessons and quizzes, writing exercises, and an interactive community forum, it provides an effective platform for ESL students to learn the language. With its interactive learning materials, practice writing prompts, and supportive network of other language learners, EnglishClub is a premier resource for those seeking to develop their English language skills.

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is a reputable online resource for grammar and usage guidance designed to make complicated language rules easily accessible to English learners. Its website is incredibly user-friendly, with a straightforward layout that allows visitors to access the desired content quickly and effortlessly. It is presented as both text and audio/video podcasts, addressing topics from sentence structure to punctuation and common mistakes. Its approach is entertaining and educational, using memory tricks, wit, and tips to help users remember the grammar rules.

Dave’s ESL Cafe

Dave’s ESL Cafe is a highly regarded, user-friendly online platform providing helpful resources for ESL learners and teachers since 1995. The website features tools such as informative blog posts, interactive quizzes, lesson plans, and even a job board.

Additionally, Dave’s ESL Cafe is an international community with members from all over the world; this makes it an ideal place to find teaching opportunities, tips, and advice. With numerous resources and a supportive environment, Dave’s ESL Cafe is an excellent choice for anyone looking to learn or teach ESL.

Purdue OWL

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a comprehensive resource, providing various writing materials for grammar, research, and popular writing styles like APA and MLA. With its user-friendly design, OWL makes finding information a simple task. Its repository of resources includes helpful advice, exercises, and tutorials tailored to different types of writing.

This platform is beneficial to those learning English who wish to enhance their writing skills, but it also provides top-notch content and covers a broad spectrum of writing topics, making it the perfect go-to guide for any writing need.


Grammarly is an invaluable online writing assistance tool that enables users to effortlessly rectify grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It has a simple user interface that can be downloaded as a browser extension or used directly from the website.

The essential functions are free of charge, while the premium version provides extra features such as style recommendations, plagiarism scanning, and enhanced lexicon options. This platform is perfect for those learning English who desire to refine their writing aptitude as it is comprehensive, easy to use, and offers individualized advice.

How to maximize the benefits of writing resources

To make the most of ESL writing resources, it’s important to set concrete objectives and pinpoint areas for development. Explore different types of resources that suit your learning style and needs, and commit to using them regularly. Engage in interactive activities, get feedback, and modify your writing accordingly.

Take advantage of the features available, such as grammar/spell checkers, style guides, and writing prompts. Track your progress, reward yourself for accomplishments, and adjust your approach if needed. You can significantly improve your writing skills and achieve your language goals with intentional practice, a dedicated attitude, and а willingness to learn.

The big picture

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Writing is a skill that requires patience and commitment to excel in, and ESL learners have specific requirements when it comes to writing. Fortunately, you can make remarkable progress in developing their writing abilities with appropriate resources. Our guide explains the best writing resources for ESL students. These online courses and writing tools are great places to begin for anyone wishing to enhance their English writing proficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Are ESL writing resources free to use?

Many ESL writing resources are available at no cost or for а nominal fee, offering a range of useful features and helpful instruction. Some free versions offer limited features, while premium options provide additional benefits.

Can teachers use ESL resources to support their students?

ESL resources benefit educators, enabling them to equip their ESL students to excel in language proficiency. These tools include grammar and vocabulary activities, learning resources, and test preparation materials.

How do I choose an ESL resource suitable for my specific needs?

To find the most appropriate ESL resource for your needs, consider what you hope to accomplish, your language proficiency level preferred learning style, and the resources available. Make sure to use reliable and recommended resources that are easy to use and provide valuable tools that align with your goals.

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