The Top 5 Online Writing Communities for Peer Feedback

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Are you a high school student passionate about writing? Finding online writing communities to connect with like-minded peers and receive constructive feedback is essential for improving your writing skills. This article will provide an overview of the top five online writing communities with peer-review groups tailored to the needs of high school students. From platforms with structured critique systems to diverse communities that foster creativity, these online spaces offer a nurturing environment for young writers. You can grow and develop meaningful relationships with fellow students wanting to improve their writing.

Importance of peer feedback in the writing process

Peer feedback forms a fundamental part of the writing process, allowing writers to get feedback from others and use it to enhance the quality of their work. Additionally, peer feedback stimulates creativity and critical thinking by providing different perspectives and ideas. It also fosters a sense of community and mutual support among writers while helping them recognize areas for improvement, identify their strengths, and build their confidence. Moreover, peer feedback encourages the development of communication and interpersonal skills and collaboration.

Five online writing communities for peer feedback


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If you’re looking for an online writing community for engaging in peer feedback activities, plenty of options are available. The five most popular ones are:


Scribophile is a respected online writing platform that brings together writers from all across the globe. It offers many opportunities to hone one’s craft, including weekly prompts, competitions, and other events. Scribophile has set up specific submission criteria, spelling, grammar, and etiquette regulations to ensure members submit higher-quality work and give constructive feedback.

Scribophile is an excellent platform for writers of all levels, boasting high-quality feedback and a supportive community. Reviews of the platform are incredibly positive, praising its helpful feedback and active forums and chats. Writers can also benefit from connecting with peers with similar writing interests, like creative writing. Scribophile is an ideal choice for those interested in participating in writing workshops with authors of varying levels of experience.

Critique Circle

Feedback is essential in writing, and Critique Circle provides writers with just that. Writers can upload stories on this members-only website in return for feedback on the work of others. This online community is highly regarded for its rigorous standards for high-quality submissions and constructive and actionable feedback.

Critique Circle also offers writing prompts, contests, workshops, and networking and collaboration opportunities such as private messaging, forums, and groups. With overwhelmingly positive user reviews and new content added daily, it’s no wonder that Critique Circle is the go-to platform for aspiring writers looking to hone their skills in a supportive environment.

Critique Circle is ideal for writers seeking honest and reliable feedback on their work.

Absolute Write Water Cooler

Absolute Write is a sizable and active community with over 68,000 members. Every possible genre in the field of literature is covered here, along with threads on topics like pop culture, the publishing business, writing exercises, freelance writing, and more.

Absolute Writer covers many topics, including politics and science fiction. It accepts authors of many genres, including those who create fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, and even greeting cards.

The Absolute Write Water Cooler community is trendy and well-managed. The users give it excellent reviews due to its sociable and encouraging atmosphere and the helpful comments provided. It is perfect for anyone seeking vibrant and involved peer-review groups of writers.


Mibba is a website for creative writing with a rising user base. It was created so authors can post their stories, poetry, and articles on the website and receive feedback from an ever-growing readership. Even though Mibba users are typically younger, it is open to all ages. Mibba users set up blogs and compose narrative pieces or stories, which others can comment on and analyze. Young authors are nurtured in this community by lively interaction, opportunities for teamwork, and peer review.

Young authors who require further support can benefit significantly from this group.


Reddit is a well-known online platform that brings together writers of different backgrounds and interests. Due to its sizable and assorted community, it has subreddits for every conceivable writing style and subject. This enables writers to engage with peer-review groups with the same interests and provide critiques and assistance on their pieces. The quality of feedback may vary depending on which subreddit you are in, with some offering comprehensive criticism while others offer mainly motivation. Furthermore, Reddit provides various chances to show one’s writing and networking opportunities through subreddit conversations and communities.

This platform is ideal for writers seeking specialized genres that fit their needs and interests.

Tips for effectively using online writing communities


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Some helpful tips you can use for making the most of online writing communities for peer feedback activities from other writers include:

Be proactive

Introducing yourself and becoming an active community member is the first and most crucial step. Ask for feedback from other members, and provide your own feedback.

Give before you receive

Strive to be part of the community by providing insightful comments to others. By actively engaging and presenting helpful assessments, you can create a positive atmosphere and motivate people to respond kindly.

Be open to feedback

When dealing with feedback, it’s essential to maintain an open-minded attitude. Try not to be overly defensive and evaluate the feedback objectively. Consider how the feedback could help you reach your writing objectives and realize your vision.

Set clear expectations

Make sure to clearly articulate which parts of your writing you want feedback on. If you have any questions or issues, express them at the beginning. Doing so will help reviewers hone in on their feedback and give more specific advice.

Be patient and persistent

Building strong relationships and getting meaningful feedback takes dedication. If you remain committed to the community, regularly post your work, and actively participate in discussions, you will eventually form connections and find peers who can offer helpful advice.

The big picture

Writing is a process that requires effort, practice, and persistence to hone your skills. Having another set of eyes review your work can help you improve it. Joining an online writing community is a great way to get helpful feedback from peers and professionals alike. With the above five online writing communities, you can find a great fit to help you become a better writer. You can also get writing support and editing help from online Lessonpal tutors. There is an excellent pool of tutors if you want extra eyes on your writing!

Frequently asked questions

Is there a risk of plagiarism?

There is a potential for plagiarism when utilizing online writing communities for free writing feedback. To reduce this risk, writers should be mindful of academic integrity and cite sources appropriately. Furthermore, tools such as plagiarism checkers can be utilized to confirm that the work is original before submission.

How do I handle negative feedback?

When using online writing communities for supportive writing, it can be challenging to receive negative comments. However, this type of feedback is essential for personal development. Rather than getting defensive, assess the criticism and determine what can be done to strengthen your skills. Look at this feedback as a chance to learn and progress.

What should I look for in a writer’s community guidelines?

When using online communities, carefully review guidelines about behavior, material submission, and feedback; also, be mindful of any potential repercussions for disregarding the rules. Additionally, consider the community’s atmosphere and values to ensure they are compatible with your own.

Can I share my work anonymously?

When submitting your writing to online writing communities for peer feedback, you should check the platform’s policies to determine whether you can share your work anonymously. Some platforms allow you to post anonymously under a different name, while others require users to post using their real name.

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