The Best Free ACT Test Prep Options for Students on a Budget

Using free ACT prep materials is a great way to study and save money.

The ACT, or American College Testing, is a college entrance exam whose results are used by colleges and universities for admission. Most higher education institutions accept ACT scores or are test-optional, which is why it is one of the most common entrance exams in the US (along with the SAT). Are you not sure which you should take yet? Check out this post about the 5 main differences before going ahead. Okay, still interested in ACT test prep? Keep reading!

Why is the ACT important?

The significance of this exam becomes apparent when you understand its benefits:

  • ACT test results are used as a basis for admission to colleges and universities.
  • The ACT exam score depends on how many answers you get correct. There are no penalties for wrong answers.
  • The content is based on what students have studied and skills they’ve learned in high school.
  • You can take this exam multiple times to improve your score.

The ACT test covers four skills: English, Math, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning (with an optional Writing section). The questions are given in a multiple-choice format. Making a study plan and putting in your best effort will help you reach your college goals as well as possible.

Finally, the test fee is $66 without the essay writing portion and $91 if you opt for the writing.

Benefits of using free ACT prep materials

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for free or budget-friendly materials. While free materials have some limitations regarding the number of tests, budget materials have good content but come at a higher cost. The benefits of using these materials are as follows:

  1. They cover all the topics in a structured way.
  2. You can study at your convenience, starting with any topic of your choice.
  3. The materials allow you to learn and assess what you have learned through quizzes or tests.
  4. Prep materials have practice tests similar to the ACT test, giving you valuable practice.
  5. Finally, they are easy to access and convenient to use.

How to hack “expensive” ACT resources and find cheap ACT prep

There has been much controversy about how equitable the ACT and SAT are. Wealthier students have the money to pay for great tutors, while others can’t afford this type of prep. However, these organizations have made strides to try and make the tests as fair as possible, and more affordable resources have been created in recent years.

Thankfully, there are many budget-friendly test prep materials and resources available online. Plus, the excellent news is that contrary to what you might think, many of them are free!

If you want free ACT test prep materials, you can find them online on different websites. We’ve outlined six great options below.

6 spots to find the best ACT test prep resources

  1. If you sign up with (the official website), you will get a free ACT test prep guide. Also, you get access to an ACT practice test.
  2. Lessonpal has affordable online ACT tutors that are flexible and can customize lessons to your needs.
  3. Khan Academy does not have any official ACT test prep materials. However, it has vast resources, including lessons to help you prepare for the ACT exam.
  4. Kaplan’s website has valuable resources, including an ACT practice test.
  5. The Princeton Review has various resources on its website. It includes free online courses, free tests, and test strategies. A free 14-day trial program is also available, which is very helpful for test takers. The free tests on this site give you access to reports that help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Magoosh offers valuable tips to help you make a study plan and then prepare for the ACT test. In addition, free practice tests and practice questions are available, making this a handy resource.

You can also find free resources offline beside all these resources online. They’re often forgotten these days, but libraries often have prep books! Drop into your local library to see if they even offer courses to help you prepare for ACT.

Overall, the ideal way to learn is from an experienced ACT tutor. Their knowledge and guidance is invaluable since they understand the exam and know specific strategies to help you improve. If you want quality tutoring, check out Lessonpal‘s online ACT tutors.

Free ACT prep from online forums

Online forums and groups are great places to find free resources. Here is some helpful information on getting free resources through online communities.

1) Reddit

Reddit is a popular online community that has sub-forums known as subreddits. You can visit Reddit and search for ACT subreddits to find groups that have ACT resources.

One significant aspect of Reddit is finding practice tests and other resources that people have reviewed before and liked.

Plus, when you join such an online community, you get to interact with people who have already taken the test and those planning to take the test.

You can participate in online discussions with tips and strategies to help you ace the exam. Finding experts who can help you with specific complex topics is also possible.

As a start, try out this subreddit: The forum for all things ACT. The platform has valuable resources, discussions, and links to other resources.

You can find ACT prep resources on Reddit.

2) College Confidential

College Confidential is another online community for students preparing to apply to colleges and universities.

Apart from a lot of general information on colleges, there is specific information related to ACT. A forum for the ACT is available, where you will find many discussions about the test.

3) Quora

Quora is another social website where you can post questions and get answers. You will find information on various subjects, including the ACT.

Luckily, Quora has questions and answers on ACT preparation, free ACT materials, budget ACT prep resources, cheap ACT study materials & notes, and other topics of interest. You can also use Quora to post questions on any subject and get expert answers.

Budget-friendly ACT prep materials

ACT prep materials help you succeed on the actual test.
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Here are 8 useful resources for affordable ACT prep materials:

  1. College Raptor has a lot of valuable resources to help you prepare for the ACT. In addition, there are links to various other websites and notes to help you study. Spending time on this website will be helpful.
  2. EriktheRed is a valuable resource to help you prepare for the math component of the test. It is a well-known fact that most students have a problem with mathematics. The materials here will help you with your math preparation.
  3. The Critical Reader is a resource focusing on the English component of the ACT test. Apart from accessible materials, the site offers budget ACT prep resources. In addition, you can buy books from their website to help you with your preparation.
  4. E-knowledge has valuable resources, including free prep materials. You can also get a study plan with flashcards and other resources from their website.
  5. McGraw Hill has two complete practice tests to help you evaluate your preparedness. On top of that, you will find tips on preparing for the test and useful videos. The best part of this resource is you don’t need to sign in or register.
  6. SparkNotes offers notes to help you prepare for the ACT. In addition, it has a test guide with a lot of helpful information and strategies.
  7. 4 Tests is another resource for free prep material. You will get many free tests to help you practice until you become perfect.
  8. ACT Up is a helpful resource for mobile users. You can download it for iOS or Android and start using it. The app is a convenient way to access ACT prep material while on the go.

If you have the bandwidth to spend more…

There are numerous free resources and materials online these days. However, if you want to study intensively for the exam, you may need to pay for the resources. Luckily, you can buy many budget-friendly ACT prep resources that will help you at a low cost.

Here is some information about cheap ACT prep materials online.

The Official ACT Prep Guide is an extensive guide with an online course. Priced at just $29.60, it is available on Amazon and other websites and stores. In addition, it has seven full-length practice tests, online flashcards, an online test bank, an exam planner, and valuable study tips.

Additionally, if you want the official guide for English, Science, Math, and Reading along with the general guide, you can buy the Official ACT Prep & Subject Guides 2022-23. It is priced at $63.99 on Amazon and is a comprehensive guide to the ACT.

Furthermore, Princeton Review ACT Prep (priced at $21.59) on Amazon has six practice tests with complete coverage of all test topics.

Lastly, ACT Online Prep is among the best cheap ACT study material providers. Their online package costs $39.95 and has more than 2,400 questions. In addition, games and flashcards make studying more engaging and fun.

The big picture

The ACT is an important exam you should prepare well for! The materials listed in this post will give you great practice and confidence for the exam.

Last but not least, you can use a tutor if you need personalized one-on-one help. Working with a tutor will help you dig deeper and clarify how you can improve.

To find tutors at the most affordable rates, check out online ACT tutors on Lessonpal. You can find great, qualified tutors that fit your budget and schedule. Good luck!

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