Prepare for College Apps with Lessonpal’s Summer College Admissions Program

The college admissions process is easier with support.
Calling all incoming high school juniors and seniors! No matter where you are in the college admissions process so far, we’re here to help. This year during Summer 2023, Lessonpal is offering a Summer College Admissions Program to support you with different steps of the college admissions process. Keep reading to learn more, then fill out our interest form. Our team will contact you personally to discuss your goals and preferences and match your student with the perfect tutor(s) for the summer.

Who is Lessonpal’s Summer College Admissions Program for?

  • Incoming high school Juniors looking to start the college admissions process
  • Incoming high school Seniors planning to graduate in 2024

How to get started

1. Fill out our interest form (you can read more about the program first below)

Interest form for summer enrichment programs
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2. Our team will contact you

Our team will contact anyone interested in a summer enrichment program
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3. Discuss your goals and preferences

Tell your tutor your goals for your summer enrichment program
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4. Get matched with the perfect tutor for your Summer College Admissions Program!

Student studying for their college admissions summer enrichment program.
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How does it work?

Our program offers online tutoring in important areas like College Essay Writing and general College Counseling to prepare for admissions season! With personalized guidance from knowledgeable mentors, students will end the summer with the tools and knowledge necessary for a successful college application journey.

4 reasons to sign up for the Lessonpal Summer College Admissions Program 

1. Get support with your college essays

Writing a compelling college essay is one of the admissions process’s most time-consuming and difficult components. Our experienced tutors will work closely with students to develop captivating personal statements highlighting their values and strengths. Students will learn skills to brainstorm, outline, and express themselves effectively.

2. Take advantage of personalized college counseling

Through one-on-one coaching, students can get personalized guidance in a range of college admissions areas. Whether they need help over the summer to finalize their college lists, organize their essays and supplements, or understand the application deadlines, tutors are here to help.

3. Access affordable, quality support

Financial limitations should not hinder a student’s chance at college access and success. With Lessonpal, you can provide your child with quality guidance without breaking the bank, allowing them to confidently navigate the competitive college admissions landscape.

4. Feel empowered for the next chapter

Our College Admissions Summer Enrichment Program goes beyond simply assisting students with their college applications. We are dedicated to empowering them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for a successful future.

Get started today

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare for a successful (and less stressful) college admissions process. Ready? Fill out this form to share your summer preferences, and we’ll contact you to get started!

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