Introducing Lessonpal’s Summer Music Enrichment Program

The summer music enrichment program will help students learn music
We’re thrilled to announce Lessonpals’ Summer Music Enrichment Program for Summer 2023! Designed to inspire young students and foster their passion for music, our program offers comprehensive tutoring in four popular disciplines (you get to choose!): 
  1. Flute
  2. Guitar
  3. Piano
  4. Singing/Voice
Whether your child is a beginner or advanced, our instructors are here to guide them this summer to grow and explore their musical interests!

Who is Lessonpal’s Summer Music Enrichment Program for?

This program is open to all Lessonpal students – from those who have never picked up a musical instrument to those with years of practice! Our team will work with you to recommend tutors based on your level.

How to get started

1. Fill out our interest form (you can read more about the program first below)

Interest form for summer enrichment programs
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2. Our team will contact you

Our team will contact anyone interested in a summer enrichment program
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3. Discuss your goals and preferences

Tell your tutor your goals for your summer enrichment program
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4. Get matched with the perfect tutor for your Summer Music Enrichment Program!

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How does the program work?

Once our team speaks with you and you find your tutor match, your tutor will guide you through the basics:
  • Setting up a summer lesson schedule
  • Selecting an instrument (as needed)
  • Tuning (as needed)
  • Outlining your summer goals
Then you’re on your way to a great summer!

3 reasons to sign up for Lessonpal’s Summer Music Enrichment Program 

1. Expert instruction in multiple disciplines

This summer program offers diverse music subjects, ensuring every child finds their perfect fit. With lessons available in flute, guitar, piano, and singing/voice, students can explore. Lessonpal’s thoughtful instructors will provide comprehensive guidance and personalized attention, ensuring a rewarding, productive, and enjoyable learning experience.

2. Flexibility and convenience with online tutoring

No matter where you are located, Lessonpal’s Music Summer Enrichment Program brings quality music education directly to you!

3. Individualized approach

At Lessonpal, we recognize the importance of personalized attention in nurturing each student’s unique abilities. Through our commitment to student success, we aim to instill confidence, discipline, and a deep appreciation for music that extends beyond just the summer program.

Get started today

Don’t let the summer break pass by without allowing your child to unlock their musical potential. They can dive into the world of music, discover their talents, and build a strong foundation for a future full of creativity. Interested? Fill out this short interest form to share your preferences, and we’ll contact you to get started!

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