How to Grow Your Online Tutoring Side Hustle

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You don’t need a degree in marketing to learn how to start and grow your online tutoring side hustle. Luckily, online tutoring platforms already provide a foundation for you! You can create a profile, build your online presence, and become a thriving online tutor. If you still need to decide which subjects you will offer and what ages you want to work with, read this blog post first as a guide. Then, follow these tips, and you’re on your way to growing your online tutoring side hustle.

Step 1: Create your online tutoring profile

Write a standout tutor bio

Your tutor bio will set you apart from other tutors. Consider these questions: What makes you a good tutor? What makes you a standout tutor? What kind of student will benefit from your help?

You can also use the section space to show you are friendly and welcoming. For example, provide a fun fact about yourself, talk about where you’re from, and share some of your hobbies!

Highlight your skills

When writing your tutor profile, talk about your strengths and skills too. 

Let’s say you and another tutor both teach math. However, while you might be a patient tutor for elementary-level math, the other is experienced in college-level math. You are both talented math tutors, but you specialize in helping different kinds of students

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Consider the skills that set you apart from other tutors, and list those in your profile to stand out. If you have any certifications or licenses, definitely mention those as well.

Keep it Professional

To start, you should make sure your profile looks professional. Why does this matter? It adds credibility and is appealing to students. So make sure your profile picture is clear. 

On Lessonpal specifically, you will also want to record a short, one-minute video introduction.

In your video, tell students your name, what kind of lessons you offer, and talk about your background. Show your personality so they can determine whether you would be a good fit.

Be sure to look sharp and have a neutral background to leave a solid first impression. Then, for more details, check out this deep dive into what to include in your intro video.

An instruction page for how to record an introduction video. This page appears in the application process to start your profile page and grow your online tutoring side hustle on Lessonpal.
On the Lessonpal introduction video page, there are guides, instructions, and examples to help you record a standout video.

Step 2: Spread the word about your online tutoring

Social media

Now you’re ready to use your network to reach potential students!

Utilize your social media accounts like Tik Tok, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the word out that you’re offering lessons.

You can also post in education-related Facebook groups, Reddit subreddits, and Discord channels. Plus, if you have an active streaming account on Twitch or YouTube, mention it to those audiences too. Additionally, if you’re in university clubs, you can advertise your tutoring services within those networks.

Another excellent way to reach potential students is on Nextdoor. Nextdoor is a community platform that links neighbors in neighborhoods. If your home neighborhood has a group, share your tutoring profile link and a note about your background and services. If you don’t have an account, signing up is easy!


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Job boards

Have you ever seen job postings on a corkboard at coffee shops or cafes? These are great places to share your tutoring information as well.

You can create a polished-looking flyer on Canva by choosing from their vast range of templates. Don’t forget to include your contact information! You can even add a QR code that links directly to your tutoring profile.

Then, print your flyer and post it around your area. Your college dorm, community center, and notice boards are more ideas for places to advertise.

In addition, virtual job boards, such as Craigslist, can help you reach even more students. 

Word of mouth

This method is old-school but effective. Tell your friends, family, family friends, coworkers, and your local barista – (anyone who will listen!) – about your online tutoring.

Either they may need some tutoring support or know someone who does.

Ultimately, sharing about your services plants a seed in peoples’ heads. So even if the ones you tell don’t need tutoring at that moment, they could come back to you in the future when they do.

Step 3: Grow your student base

Build relationships

Students will keep coming back to take high-quality lessons from high-quality tutors. So when your student joins their first lesson, be excited to meet them! Get to know them briefly and introduce yourself as well. Building a connection is one of the most critical parts of being a great online tutor.

Understanding who your student is, their learning style, and their goals will allow you to plan lessons that genuinely help them succeed. In addition, being dedicated and personalizing your lessons will keep them coming back.

Throughout your lessons, make sure to be supportive. Have a positive, encouraging attitude and check in with your students to ensure they understand. 

After the lesson, thank them and follow up to schedule the next lesson. Utilizing your social skills will help you build a student base excited to learn from you long-term. 

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Ask for reviews

Once you have had some successful lessons with the student, ask them to leave a positive review! Reviews will appear on your tutor profile: the more reviews, the stronger your credibility and appeal. 

Profile reviews have a cyclical effect. The more reviews you have, the more students will want to work with you. You can ask them to write you a review, and so on, which will bolster your presence. 

Follow up

Finally, make it a habit to follow up with your students regularly. Student retention and personal reputation will make marketing yourself significantly more manageable.

After lessons, provide summaries and highlight areas you want to work on together to improve future classes. You can also mention other subjects you tutor in to see if your current students need additional tutoring lessons.

If you notice that a student has yet to schedule a lesson with you in a long time, feel free to nudge them as a reminder.

Finally, if you ask a student or parent to refer you to others for tutoring, do so graciously and follow up afterward to express your gratitude.

Step 4: Continue to grow your online tutoring side hustle

Marketing your online lessons takes some effort and time. But you have many tools already at hand to promote your tutoring! Building a Lessonpal profile also makes the task simpler.

Happy tutoring!

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