Get Ahead with Lessonpal’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program

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Want to have a fulfilling 2023 summer? Introducing Lessonpal’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program! We’re excited to introduce a summer program designed for students of all ages and levels to reach their full potential. Choose from a range of academic subjects and test prep options, including:
  1. SAT and ACT
  2. AP subjects
  3. Math subjects
  4. Reading
  5. Writing
  6. And more!
We aim to foster a positive learning experience this summer and set students up for 2023-2024 success.

Who is Lessonpal’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program for?

This program is open to all Lessonpal students of any age wanting to improve in a subject, get ahead for the next year, or simply spend time learning. Our team will work with you to recommend tutors based on your subject interest and grade or level.

How to get started

1. Fill out our interest form (you can read more about the program first below)

Interest form for summer enrichment programs
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2. Our team will contact you

Our team will contact anyone interested in a summer enrichment program
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3. Discuss your goals and preferences

Tell your tutor your goals for your summer enrichment program
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4. Get matched with the perfect tutor for your Summer Academic Enrichment Program!

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How does the program work?

Once our team speaks with you and you find your tutor match, you’ll work with them to set up the following:
  • A summer lesson schedule
  • Your summer goals
  • Any other customizations you want to make to your program
Then you’re on your way to a great summer!

5 reasons to sign up for Lessonpal’s Summer Academic Enrichment Program 

1. Tailored learning experience

We believe in personalized education that recognizes the unique strengths and areas for improvement of each student. Our dedicated tutors work closely with your child to understand their specific needs, learning style, and goals. This tailored approach ensures that every student receives the individual attention they deserve, leading to remarkable progress and increased confidence.

2. Comprehensive SAT and ACT prep

Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT can be daunting for students and play a crucial role in college admissions. Our experienced tutors provide comprehensive test preparation, equipping students with effective strategies, in-depth subject knowledge, and ample practice opportunities. With our program, your child will enter the exam room feeling confident and well-prepared.

3. High-quality AP subject lessons

Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer a unique opportunity for students to delve deeper into subjects of interest and earn college credits. Our summer program features an array of AP classes taught by qualified tutors. By choosing AP lessons, your child can gain an edge going into the next academic year and expand their critical thinking skills.

4. Excelling in academic subjects

Math, Reading, and Writing are foundational subjects that students often need support in. Whether your child needs extra algebra help, support with reading techniques, or practice writing essays, our program offers comprehensive tutoring to enhance their skills. Our tutors are passionate about making these subjects engaging and accessible, empowering students to excel.

5. Flexibility and convenience

Our online tutoring is flexible and convenient! With flexible scheduling and tailored lesson plans, your child can embrace learning at their own pace, ensuring optimal progress and success.

Get started today

Ready for an enriching summer? Fill out this short interest form to share your preferences, and we’ll contact you to get started!

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