Elevate This Summer Break with Lessonpal’s Summer Enrichment Programs

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Are you looking for a meaningful and enriching way to take advantage of summer break? Look no further! Lessonpal is thrilled to announce our exciting lineup of summer enrichment programs for 2023: Whether your child is interested in exploring a passion for music, preparing for the next academic year, navigating the college admissions process, or delving into extracurricular activities, we have the perfect program to fit your needs.

Who are these programs for?

If you have one or more of these goals for the summer, Lessonpal’s programs are for you:
  1. Academic Enrichment Program: To get a jump on next year’s subjects
  2. College Admissions Program: To get support with the college admissions process and/or college essay writing
    • Incoming high school juniors and seniors
  3. Extracurricular Enrichment Program: To boost creativity by exploring new extracurricular subject areas
  4. Music Enrichment Program: To learn an instrument or vocal techniques

How to get started

1. Fill out our interest form (you can read more about the program first below)

Interest form for summer enrichment programs
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2. Our team will contact you

Our team will contact anyone interested in a summer enrichment program
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3. Discuss your goals and preferences

Tell your tutor your goals for your summer enrichment program
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4. Get matched with the perfect tutor for your summer enrichment program!

Summer enrichment programs give students a great foundation.
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Breakdown of the summer enrichment program offerings

1. Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure a strong academic foundation going into next school year with our Academic Enrichment Program. We’re offering a wide range of subjects including lessons in Math, Reading, Writing, Test Prep (ACT/SAT), and AP course prep lessons Our qualified and friendly tutors will work closely with your child to identify areas for improvement, provide personalized guidance, and help you excel academically. They’ll build essential skills over the summer, setting them up for success in the 2023-2024 academic year.  Check out our Summer Academic Enrichment Program page for more.

2. Summer College Admissions Program

Are you an incoming junior or senior preparing for your college applications? The process can be daunting, but with Lessonpal’s 2023-2024 College Admissions Program, you’ll have trusted support. Our knowledgeable tutors will assist you in crafting a compelling college application, including identifying which schools you’re interested in, writing impactful personal statements, and editing your resume. Gain a competitive edge, present your unique qualities, and increase your chances of getting into your top choice schools. Check out our Summer College Admissions Program page for more.

3. Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program

Extracurricular activities play a vital role in a well-rounded education. Whether you’re interested in having your child explore Graphic Design, Computer Science, Dance, or another extracurricular subject, our Extracurricular Enrichment Program has something for everyone. Let our passionate tutors guide your child as they explore new hobbies, develop their talents, and ultimately, have a lot of fun! Check out our Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program page for more.

4. Summer Music Enrichment Program

Does your child want to explore playing a musical instrument or vocal skills? Our Music Enrichment Program can be tailor-made for them. From Piano and Guitar lessons to Flute and Vocal Training, our experienced tutors will guide them through the world of music. Help your child either start learning an instrument or refine their techniques. All in all, they’re on their way to elevating their musical abilities! Check out our Summer Music Enrichment Program page for more.

Ready for a great summer?

Make the most of this opportunity to grow, learn, and have fun with our online tutoring summer enrichment programs.  Getting started is easy. Simply fill out our interest form to tell us the programs you’d like to participate in, and we’ll contact you to get everything set up!

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