Announcing Lessonpal’s Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program

Extracurricular activities are important for student health.

Summer is almost here, and we’re excited to announce Lessonpal’s exciting Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program! Designed to foster creativity among students, our program offers comprehensive tutoring in five subjects:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Video Editing
  4. Dance
  5. Arts & Crafts

No matter the age or skill level of the student, Lessonpal tutors are dedicated to providing an awesome summer experience for every student they work with.

Who is the Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program for?

  • Students interested in learning coding
  • Students who want to learn a digital skill
  • Students that want to pick up a fun hobby
  • Students that want to be productive but want a break from academics subjects

How to get started

1. Fill out our interest form (you can read more about the program first below)

Interest form for summer enrichment programs
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2. Our team will contact you

Our team will contact anyone interested in a summer enrichment program
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3. Discuss your goals and preferences

Tell your tutor your goals for your summer enrichment program
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4. Get matched with the perfect tutor for your Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program!

Students learning coding during a summer enrichment program
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How does it work?

We offer a wide selection of online extracurricular subjects.

Once you have indicated your subject area of interest, our team will connect you to a tutor. They’ll prepare a custom learning plan that will guide you or your child to achieve your summer goals in the subject. 

4 reasons to sign up for this program

1. Try exciting subjects that aren’t always offered in school

Extracurricular activities are super important to get a break from the usual academic subjects and spark students’ creativity, especially younger students. Our Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program is designed to provide an outlet for design, creation, movement, imagination, and fun.

2. Expert instruction in five exciting areas

Our summer program offers a wide array of subjects, ensuring everyone can find their best fit. From diving into the worlds of Computer Science or Dance, unlocking creativity through Graphic Design or Video Editing, and unleashing the glue in Arts & Crafts, our knowledgeable instructors can provide comprehensive guidance and personalized attention.

3. Customizable to suit your family’s needs

At Lessonpal, we understand that every family has unique preferences, budgets, and schedules. That’s why our Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program is fully customizable. You have the flexibility to choose a tutor or multiple tutors based on your child’s specific needs and availability.

4. Convenient learning with online tutoring

We understand the demands of busy schedules and the need for flexibility. Lessonpal offers the convenience of personalized online tutoring, allowing your child to participate in the program from anywhere.

Get started today

It’s going to be an awesome summer! With our Summer Extracurricular Enrichment Program, your student can enhance their creativity and have fun during the break. 

Interested? Fill out this form to share your preferences, and we’ll contact you to get started.

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