10 Easy Taylor Swift Songs on Guitar – No Capo

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While the first US leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour may be over, the infatuation with her unmatched songwriting and performing has not. You can learn some easy Taylor Swift songs on guitar to keep the fun going!

We’ll give a quick background if you’re unsure who Taylor Swift is (which is very likely in this day and age😅).

Taylor Swift is a world-renowned singer-songwriter, Grammy winner, businesswoman, performer, and director. She has also recently been dubbed an “economic phenomenon” for the success of her Eras Tour and the positive economic impact on the areas she’s performed in.

Her songwriting, catchy lyrics, and memorable tunes have captivated fans worldwide. She is the perfect role model for many who want to learn to play guitar or add more songs to their repertoire.

You’re in the right place if you’re a beginner, aspiring musician, guitar enthusiast, or simply a Swiftie eager to enhance your music skills. Learning to play easy Taylor Swift guitar songs can be a fantastic opportunity, especially because her music frequently showcases simple chord progressions.

10 easy Taylor Swift songs on guitar that you should learn

We’ve gone through her 10 eras and pulled 10 easy Taylor Swift songs you can learn to play on guitar, perfect for beginners wanting to dive into her discography. You can learn these on your own, or you always have the option to get the help of an experienced guitar tutor at a price that fits your budget.

This list is ordered from newest to oldest songs. We’ve also listed the album name and original release year (not including the dates of her “Taylor’s Version” re-recorded albums!).

1. “Maroon” (Midnights, 2022)

“Maroon,” a song from Midnights, is one of Taylor’s most heartwrenching songs. The lyrics talk about deep love and excruciating heartbreak. While “Maroon” didn’t make the main setlist for the tour, she has already played this song on the tour twice as a surprise song! So, if it caught your attention and you’re curious about how to play it, it’s not complicated. It also follows a simple chord progression and easy-to-follow strumming pattern. You can play the song with four chords C, G, Em, and D.

“Maroon” chords and tutorial

2. “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” (Midnights, 3am edition, 2022)

The beautiful soft rock “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” is a bonus track from Swift’s tenth album, Midnights. The song is about Taylor reflecting on a flawed romance and her associated regret from the past. The song uses morbid overtones to convey sorrow over this relationship that deeply scarred her. The song’s production includes steadily building synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and distortion.

You can play the song with five chords: G, D, Am, Em, and C.

“Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” chords and tutorial

3. “my tears ricochet” (Folklore, 2020)

This slow song allows beginners to practice their chord transitions and strumming at a more comfortable pace! In this song, Taylor draws on a significant betrayal in her career and the feelings of being hurt and backstabbed. It was the ultimate betrayal by someone she thought she could trust the most.

The chords you need for this song are C, G, Em, F, Am, Dm. Taylor sings in a much lower register in this song, but sing where you are comfortable (or just play!).

“my tears ricochet” chords and tutorial

4. “Getaway Car” (Reputation, 2018)

First, you’ll see a capo in the video thumbnail, but as the creator mentions, it’s not required! So you can play “Getaway Car” without it, or if you have a capo, feel free to try out this song with it. The story includes excellent imagery and metaphors and is more stripped down than her other songs on the Reputation album.

“Getaway Car” is an upbeat, fun song about being in a relationship you’re tired of and running away with someone exciting. You’ll play the G, D, Am, and C chords for this song.

“Getaway Car” chords and tutorial

5. “Shake It Off” (1989, 2014)

“Shake It Off” is a dynamic and empowering song that encourages everyone to embrace themselves and ignore the haters. This song was the lead single from her fifth album, 1989 (which will be re-released on October 27th, 2023). The whole album was a shift in Swift’s musical style toward the pop genre, and this song is the epitome of that.

“Shake It Off” is an upbeat anthem for many Swifties, including the Dancing Trucker who fans noticed for his fun dancing at her show in Cincinnati. This song is an excellent choice for beginners to play and sing along to, helping them build their confidence and showcase their resilience.

For novice guitarists, “Shake It Off” is a relatively simple song. It utilizes basic open chords Am, C, and G, making it super doable. The strumming pattern follows a consistent rhythm too.

“Shake It Off” chords and tutorial

6. “All Too Well” (Red, 2012)

“All Too Well” was an epic song when it was first released in 2012, and the 10 Minute Version on Red Taylor’s Version is even more epic. Learn how to play “All Too Well” here!  More than anything, this is a detailed story of the rise and fall of a relationship and a bad heartbreak. She remembers everything that happened as if it were yesterday, watching it in her mind.

For this easy Taylor Swift guitar song, you’ll use C, G, Am, and F. Try it out!

“All Too Well” chords and tutorial

7. “You Belong with Me” (Fearless, 2008)

“You Belong with Me” is another easy Taylor Swift guitar song that resonates with listeners who have experienced unrequited love. It was released as the third single from her album Fearless (and has since been re-released). It showcases Swift’s versatility as an artist by blending country and pop genres. The lyrics of “You Belong with Me” tell a relatable story of a girl who secretly loves her friend, even though they are with someone else. Swift’s heartfelt vocals, relatable lyrics, upbeat melody, and catchy hooks make it a joy to play and sing along to on guitar.

The song is beginner-friendly for guitarists, using basic open chords like D, A, Em, and G. The strumming pattern is easy and repetitive, allowing beginners to focus on chord changes and capturing the song’s infectious energy.

“You Belong With Me” chords and tutorial

9. “Our Song” (Taylor Swift, 2006)

“Our Song” is a charming, infectious, and easy Taylor Swift guitar song that captures the essence of young love. It was a bit hit then and proved a timeless Taylor Swift classic. Why not learn how to play it?

In “Our Song,” Taylor narrates the story of a couple whose “song” is all the little things they do each day to be together, including sneaking out. Swift’s youthful and playful lyrics led to this catchy country tune.

The song’s simplicity makes it an ideal choice for beginner guitarists, as it primarily uses D, Em, G, and A. The strumming pattern is relatively straightforward, enabling beginners to get into the rhythm.

“Our Song” chords and tutorial

10. “Teardrops on My Guitar” (Taylor Swift, 2006)

“Teardrops on My Guitar” is a heartfelt ballad from her iconic first album, released in 2006. This emotional song portrays the pain of unrequited love and the heartache of seeing your crush with someone else. With its touching lyrics, “Teardrops on My Guitar” captures raw vulnerability and longing.

While playing this song with a capo on the third fret is recommended to match the original key; you can also play it without. The song features a simple chord progression, predominantly using G, D, Em, and C, making it another accessible song to beginner guitarists. This heartfelt track is a testament to Taylor’s songwriting prowess and emotional depth, marking the beginning of a remarkable career for the talented artist.

“Teardrops on My Guitar” chords and tutorial

The big picture

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is one of, if not the most successful artists of her time. And her work and songs will continue to be great guitar song options for her fans and guitar learners alike! Dive into these easy Taylor Swift songs on guitar and enjoy. Looks like you’re in your Guitarist Era now! If you want more instruction and tutoring in guitar, check out Lessonpal’s online Guitar tutors, that are very affordable and can help you learn the instrument. And if you’re thinking guitar may not be for you, and instead want to try out an even simpler instrument, check out our guide on how to choose between the ukulele or guitar.

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